Chermaine Samphire ANutr


My name is Chermaine though I’m better known as Chammy. I live in Sheffield with my husband, Aaron, who is studying Physics and our son, Eban.

In 2021 I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with first-class honours in Nutrition and Public Health. I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the AfN, I will be starting my masters in Public Health in January (2022), and I am planning on specialising in Public Health Nutrition. 

When it comes to nutrition, I’m passionate about helping people find the right help for them. For many, a simple lifestyle or behaviour change such as introducing regular exercise into their day or reducing their added sugar intake can have a huge difference, whereas, for those in most need, bigger changes are required.

As someone who has spent most of their adulthood overweight, to the point of being classed as morbidly obese (with a BMI over 40), I completely understand how hard it is to make the changes needed both for physical health and mental health. I’ve been there so understand the pain, heartache and frustration that comes with trying to be healthier.

I have a keen interest in the treatment of metabolic issues such as diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity. I also have a keen interest in nutrition for those with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) due to having this myself. I am also eager to see more nutrition taught in schools with family education being a vital point to a healthier nation.


  • Masters in Public Health (graduating 2023)
  • First Class BSc Honours in Nutrition and Public Health
  • Introductory Motivational Interview Training
  • CACHE Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance
  • CACHE Diploma in Childcare and Education


  • Registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition
  • The Nutrition Society